Katy believes that human beauty is an integral part of the universe. Her faith in our ability to heal from our heart, to be free and to experience a full life designed her unique style.

Connecting the dots between her physiotherapist and posturologist’s background, and her Anusara yoga deep practice, Katy expresses her own voice. Therapeutics alignment and Yoga define the core of Katy’s work serving a bigger purpose: to be in tune with our essence

Her genuine approach to her students’ fosters confidence and helps them to explore their potential.
Her spiritual path led her to become a channel of love and consciousness through her yoga practice and her Life off the mat.

Her simplicity guides each student to have confidence in their own potential.

Her dream is to build a community in Annecy and around, connected to this whole world, in order to make Yoga available to everybody, to expand consciousness and to grow the connection between each one of us in this planet.

Through Satiamm yoga Katy found her life purpose: to help us to live our life from the true expression of our own heart.

Everything is possible when you know who you are….

Katy’s class are always different, depending on the theme and the energy of the day. Mediation, pranyama, Mantra, Asana, therapeutic alignments … are touched by her wisdom, to honored as well as she can, the chance to be a Yoga Teacher